Here some experiences and testimonials of my clients from psychotherapy and hypnosis sessions.


Johannes is very gifted, clear, and kind. Sort of a spiritual scientist. He listens and responds respectfully. The Hypno-trance journey was particularly helpful in working with the grieving process of losing my mother. His work is part of a wide world of mindfulness training in which you face and go through your challenges, finally reaching a point of rest.


I came to Johannes with a great dilemma in my life. In the Hypnosis I went into a deepness, grounded, no thinking any more state, very silent. Then I went into the situation which caused the dilemma like it was a film that I was playing in. And there I could easily change the situation and learned that I have the choice to transform my life into what I really want!
It made me really happy and fulfilled to feel this new situation. This is an amazing tool to transform the history and past. Johannes gives me a feeling of trust and space where I can be.


In the beginning of the hypnosis I felt more and more heavy, like deep sleep and at the same time awake and aware. I felt safe and well taken care of. I came to the therapy with something in my life where I am suffering emotionally and physically at the same time. It felt like the opposite of what I actually wanted. Johannes let me discover those two very different experiences and how I can bring them together. The experience was very interesting! I felt strong centered and relaxed. I learned how to distance from an old belief that weakens me.
I truly recommend Johannes because he is there with an art of empathy, curiosity and respect for the other person. I feel safe and seen.


My experience about this type of psychotherapy:
I much enjoyed to be able to sink and let myself fall into the situation that was bothering me in my daily life. I felt I don’t have to fulfill anything or don’t have to meet expectations. This created trust and a feeling of relaxation. He allowed me to look at my situation without wanting to change anything. He allowed me to feel the different aspects and to be with them at the same time. So, I could integrate both sides, which felt strong. I felt connected to most inner wishes and stopped fighting, which felt great. I could see that there is a strong power in integrating, accepting and allowing vulnerability.
With this spiritual therapy one can sink into experiences and feelings that are normally hidden and protected. I didn’t feel at all forced to do so, I could always decide how deep I want to go.


I had the strong feeling of being a victim during the episodes of depression. In summary, I can say Johannes explained me that it’s a learned behavior. He led me into a hypnosis, as an experience to explore about this. There I could see my past from a distance. My former and my present self where connected in a mysterious way. It’s amazing how the inner child still influences the way I act in certain situations although my present self would usually react in a different way.
The past is over! With my present self I am able to manage that situation in another way. I recommend Johannes and his psychotherapy. He was very gentle and reliable with me and he encouraged me.


Johannes invited me to look at a situation in my life that I suffer from or that I might want to change. Strong emotions came up and he guided me to what was deeper. I went through a black hole experiencing rage and complete betrayal. In the last part of the black hole I saw ‘me’ being completely burned away until no-thing was left, only a beating heart was present with a ball of fire in there. Then all was clear and clarity purity and life force was experienced. When we explored that even further, I discovered that this is my true nature.
I never felt that before. Johannes guides very calm and sensitively. I am so grateful Johannes!


Hi Johannes,
I realized, since the therapy session with you, that my relationship with my mother has been restored to one of love, compassion, harmony, and joyful interaction. I’m sure it has to do with the process you took me through for it is utterly fresh. My mother tells me she has felt a shift within herself, as well. I find myself aware and open in communications, now asking, “What is it you want mom? What would you like?” (Instead if running out the door in pain, with my mind chattering!) So, I feel such great gratitude for the time you gave to me and the blessing of healing. May it continue.
Love, Ronald


I suffered from a feeling about my work, which made me feel very depressed again and again. In several psychotherapy sessions we investigated this together and last time a lot of fear came up, Johannes invited me to look deeper into the fear and to explore what the nature of it is. Eventually I could experience wide-open space and an openness! I was in open loving energy for half an hour. That was excellent.
The main discovery was that when I am in open loving energy everything I do professionally can be fulfilling. On top I can do something that I also enjoy. He also focused on how I leave that open space, reidentify and take things personally.  Whenever I take a feeling personally I reidentify.

Johannes technique is excellent.

Joachim F., author

Johannes helped me through a severe personal crisis, where I was not able to get ahead with normal psychotherapy. With empathy and empathy he showed me how I can influence my emotions and psychic states through body awareness and body control.  A truly holistic work, which Johannes accompanies with care, respect and a lot of security.


In a depressive phase I came to Johannes and from the beginning I felt well cared for and safe with him.
His attention to my mental and physical condition during the conversation and in the following treatment was always carried by sympathy and deep humanity. In this way I was able to let myself in on the “going into pain” on the body level.
With Johannes support and concentration on my breath, I was able to release myself from pain more and more often. In the end, after a few delicious minutes of relaxation, I felt as if I had been put together again each time.

For this my sincere thanks!

Kerstin – artist – filmmaker – Berlin


Johannes helped me through a serious personal crisis, where I was not able to get ahead with normal psychotherapy. With empathy and empathy he showed me how I can influence my emotions and psychic states through body awareness and body control.  A truly holistic work, which Johannes accompanies with care, respect and a lot of reliability.

Stefan, Psychologist – Berlin


I was with Johannes to process the death of my mother, and indeed it became an intense, very valuable and liberating exploration of my childhood. In just a few minutes, almost in every session, we came across very essential experiences, beliefs, fears and longings, which I was not only able to feel and bring into motion, but with his help I was also able to transform them into very concrete ideas for dealing with them. After 10 sessions, I have now reached the goal of my actual concern; and I am a little different person than before. Freer, calmer, more conscious and more trusting. Thank you Johannes, that was a great and a little bit miraculous cooperation with you!

Tim – Coach – Berlin


I suffered from severe sleep disorders for a long period of time and blamed my job for it. Although outwardly everything was actually fine. After I had unsuccessfully tried again and again with different techniques to get the sleep disturbances under control, I wanted to quit my job. 

In four hypnosis and psychotherapy sessions we got to the bottom of my thought patterns and feelings. Johannes v. Gwinner proceeded with caution and great compassion. 

After the last session I clearly recognized the reasons for my behavior and feelings. I did not quit my job, but merely reduced my hours and am now going back to work with more joy. 

I am very grateful to Johannes that he was able to help me and can therefore recommend him without reservation.



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