I had the strong fee­ling of being a vic­tim during the epi­so­des of depres­si­on. In sum­ma­ry, I can say Johan­nes explai­ned me that it’s a lear­ned beha­vi­or. He led me into a hyp­no­sis, as an expe­ri­ence to explo­re about this. The­re I could see my past from a distance. My for­mer and my pre­sent self whe­re con­nec­ted in a mys­te­rious way. It’s ama­zing how the inner child still influen­ces the way I act in cer­tain situa­tions alt­hough my pre­sent self would usual­ly react in a dif­fe­rent way.
The past is over! With my pre­sent self I am able to mana­ge that situa­ti­on in ano­ther way. I recom­mend Johan­nes and his psy­cho­the­ra­py. He was very gent­le and relia­ble with me and he encou­ra­ged me.