My name is Johan­nes von Gwin­ner, I work as a the­ra­pist in Ber­lin-Mit­te or online. I am a Sta­te-cer­ti­fied Healing Prac­ti­tio­ner for Psy­cho­the­ra­py and cer­ti­fied in cli­ni­cal hyp­no­the­ra­py.

I can sup­port you in fin­ding a new way to deal with psy­cho­lo­gi­cal pain, anxie­ty, depres­si­on or stress cau­sed by trau­ma. Spi­ri­tu­al self-dis­co­very and over­co­m­ing lack of self-este­em are fur­ther focal points of my work.

In the many years of my work, I could see how peop­le actual­ly over­co­me their cri­ses and even emer­ge stron­ger from them. Expe­ri­ence shows: It is pos­si­ble to find your per­so­nal hap­pi­ness and your own per­so­nal free­dom, regard­less of the circumstances!

I look for­ward to wel­co­m­ing you to my prac­ti­ce in Neue Jakobstras­se in Ber­lin-Mit­te or to a mee­ting via inter­net video ses­si­on. For a non-bin­ding preli­mi­na­ry dis­cus­sion, I am also avail­ab­le by phone.


Sin­gle ses­si­ons in my prac­ti­ce in Ber­lin or online via Zoom or Skype

Holistic Psychotherapy

Sin­gle ses­si­ons in my prac­ti­ce in Ber­lin or online via Zoom or Skype

Grinberg Method — Pantarei

Ele­ments of body­work can be part of the therapy

Leela Therapy

A com­bi­na­ti­on of Erick­so­ni­an hyp­no­the­ra­py, psy­cho­the­ra­pie and Enne­agramm work with a spi­ri­tu­al background.

In addi­ti­on to sup­port for per­so­nal deve­lo­p­ment, cli­ents with the fol­lowing sym­ptoms have alrea­dy bene­fi­ted great­ly from holistic psychotherapy:

  • Depres­si­on
  • Life cri­ses
  • Psychic pain
  • Blo­cka­ges and lack of drive
  • Fears and panic attacks
  • Trau­mas
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Bur­nout
  • Stress and tension


The Practice

in Ber­lin

Pic­tures by Alber­ti­ne Baronius

The Holistic Psychotherapy

Fiel­ds of app­li­ca­ti­on and Lee­la Therapy
About Holistic Psychotherapy — Hypnotherapy — Leela Therapy

It was deve­lo­ped by Eli Jaxon-Bear, is based on self-awa­reness and self-explo­ra­ti­on and is indi­vi­du­al­ly tailo­red to each cli­ent. It ser­ves the awa­ke­n­ing from the mecha­nism and pat­tern of per­so­nal suf­fe­ring. A path to inner free­dom and happiness.

Fur­ther­mo­re, I work with body ori­en­ted psy­cho­the­ra­py (Grin­berg Method and Pan­t­arei Approach).

The Lee­la The­ra­py con­sists of several pro­ven the­ra­py methods. The three pil­lars of the the­ra­py are:

  • the Erick­so­ni­an Hypnotherapy
  • self-explo­ra­ti­on, mind­ful­ness trai­ning and mediation
  • the tea­ching of the Enneagram

It is very well sui­ted to dis­sol­ve pat­terns of suf­fe­ring cau­sed by stress­ful con­di­ti­ons, which can pro­du­ce the most diver­se sym­ptoms on a phy­si­cal, emo­tio­nal and men­tal level. Pat­terns of suf­fe­ring often have to do with phe­no­me­na in the sub­con­scious. Exact­ly the­re is the main field of action of hyp­no­sis the­ra­py. For examp­le, trau­ma­tic expe­ri­en­ces of the past can be pro­ces­sed in a healing way.
On a deep level we are able to find out how we crea­te the tran­ce of our suf­fe­ring. So we are given the choice to stop. This leads to per­so­nal free­dom and hap­pi­ness. We expe­ri­ence the pos­si­bi­li­ty to have a quiet mind and an open heart — in the midst of the tur­moil and mad­ness of our life and the world. We learn not to have to react to every trig­ger, but can rely on a deeper intel­li­gence that is more trust­worthy than the super­fi­cial reac­tions of the mind.


Johannes v. Gwinner

Sin­ce 1999 I have been taking part in trai­nings and fur­ther edu­ca­ti­ons in the psy­cho­the­ra­peu­tic field. The­re has always been a con­nec­tion to the spi­ri­tu­al side of self-rea­liz­a­ti­on and self-awareness.

The rea­liz­a­ti­on was: It is pos­si­ble to wake up from the per­so­nal tran­ce of suf­fe­ring! When the mind beco­mes still, we can reco­gni­ze our true natu­re and find per­so­nal peace.

Fur­ther the­ra­peu­tic training:

Sta­te-cer­ti­fied Healing Prac­ti­tio­ner for Psychotherapy

In the “Lee­la School” foun­ded by Eli Jaxon, cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on in cli­ni­cal hyp­no­sis (A.C.H.E. Ame­ri­can Coun­cil of Hyp­no­tist Exami­ners), hyp­no­the­ra­py and NLP in com­bi­na­ti­on with the Enne­agram (Lee­la The­ra­py) to beco­me a men­tor of the “Lee­la School.

Com­ple­ti­on of trai­ning as a prac­ti­tio­ner of the Grin­berg Method, a metho­do­lo­gy of body-ori­en­ted psy­cho­the­ra­py and cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on as a prac­ti­tio­ner Pan­t­arei Approach.



Neue Jakobstra­ße 1–3
10179 Ber­lin (Mit­te)
(Bell: Kör­per­raum Mit­te, 2. floor left)

Telephone — Mail

+49 30 54907420


web: johannes-winner.com


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Information — Disclaimer

The forms of the­ra­py and metho­do­lo­gies men­tio­ned here work via the body and the con­ver­sa­ti­on. They are not inten­ded for peop­le suf­fe­ring from a dise­a­se that is con­si­de­red life-threa­tening, nor are they sui­ta­ble as a repla­ce­ment for medi­cal or psych­iatric tre­at­ment for serious ill­nes­ses or com­p­laints. It does not requi­re any ideo­lo­gi­cal or mys­ti­cal atti­tu­des or cer­tain lifestyle.

Infor­ma­ti­on /​ Can­cel­la­ti­on: Ses­si­ons can be can­ce­led or can­ce­led free of char­ge up to 24 hours in advan­ce. Ses­si­ons /​ vou­chers can­ce­led or mis­sed later will be char­ged /​ expi­re.


Zer­ti­fi­kat in kli­ni­scher Hyp­no­se A.C.H.E. Ame­ri­can Coun­cil of Hyp­no­tist Exami­ners — Men­tor of the Lee­la School

Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie

Prak­ti­ker der Grin­berg Methode

Zer­ti­fi­zier­ter Prak­ti­ker Pan­t­arei Approach