The posi­ti­ve effect of my ses­si­ons with Johan­nes is alre­a­dy cle­ar­ly noti­ceable in my ever­y­day life, for mys­elf and others around me: Ins­tead of only being able to react on impul­se as befo­re, I now con­scious­ly take time to brea­the befo­re acting and can thus respond more lovin­g­ly and open­ly to what is said. Also, my abili­ty to lis­ten and sepa­ra­te mys­elf from what is being said wit­hout fee­ling atta­cked has great­ly impro­ved my hand­ling of poten­ti­al con­flict situa­tions. Johan­nes’ methods are easy to inte­gra­te and yet incre­di­bly effec­ti­ve — I am alre­a­dy so gra­teful for this chan­ge in my self-per­cep­ti­on and rela­ti­onships and look for­ward to ever­y­thing else that is to come.

Lisa S.