Johan­nes invi­ted me to look at a situa­ti­on in my life that I suf­fer from or that I might want to chan­ge. Strong emo­ti­ons came up and he gui­ded me to what was deeper. I went through a black hole expe­ri­en­cing rage and com­ple­te betra­y­al. In the last part of the black hole I saw ‘me’ being com­ple­te­ly bur­ned away until no-thing was left, only a bea­ting heart was pre­sent with a ball of fire in the­re. Then all was clear and cla­ri­ty puri­ty and life force was expe­ri­en­ced. When we explo­red that even fur­ther, I dis­co­ver­ed that this is my true nature.
I never felt that befo­re. Johan­nes gui­des very calm and sen­si­tively. I am so gra­teful Johannes!