Some­ti­mes it’s not the big jour­ney, some­ti­mes it’s just the ques­ti­on of why “some­thing” no lon­ger works pro­fes­sio­nal­ly the way it used to.
That could lead deep into child­hood, but I’ve been the­re seve­ral times. I don’t want ano­ther look back. I don’t want ano­ther twen­ty-five hours of talk therapy.
I need a con­cre­te path from the pre­sent to the future. The reflec­tion of my role in it. What do I want, what do I need. 
Two pos­si­bi­li­ties emer­ge: let­ting go or gras­ping the “some­thing” more cle­ar­ly. Both times I am at the focus. Four the­ra­py ses­si­ons with Johan­nes von Gwin­ner con­tri­bu­ted to a prompt clarification. 
The result was ama­zing and dif­fe­rent than expec­ted. Johan­nes von Gwin­ner leads me to the decisi­ve point with pati­ent, open and pre­cise ques­ti­ons. Ever­y­day life speaks the truth. 
That sounds cryp­tic, but it’s true. It was extre­me­ly hel­pful to get rid of bal­last, to focus and con­cen­tra­te. Thank you for that.


Uwe — Author