I suf­fe­red from seve­re sleep dis­or­ders for a long peri­od of time and bla­med my job for it. Alt­hough out­ward­ly ever­ything was actual­ly fine. After I had unsuc­cess­ful­ly tried again and again with dif­fe­rent tech­ni­ques to get the sleep dis­tur­ban­ces under con­trol, I wan­ted to quit my job. 

In four hyp­no­sis and psy­cho­the­ra­py ses­si­ons we got to the bot­tom of my thought pat­terns and fee­lings. Johan­nes v. Gwin­ner pro­cee­ded with cau­ti­on and gre­at compassion. 

After the last ses­si­on I clear­ly reco­gni­zed the rea­sons for my beha­vi­or and fee­lings. I did not quit my job, but merely redu­ced my hours and am now going back to work with more joy. 

I am very gra­te­ful to Johan­nes that he was able to help me and can the­re­fo­re recom­mend him without reservation.