Rates for sessions in Berlin and online

A preli­mi­na­ry talk by pho­ne or mail is free of charge.

Ana­ly­sis and psy­cho­the­ra­peu­tic or hyp­no­sis session:

An initi­al ana­ly­sis and ses­si­on of up to 90 minu­tes cos­ts €95,-.

Regu­lar psy­cho­the­ra­peu­tic session:

A regu­lar ses­si­on of up to 60 minu­tes cos­ts €80,-

A regu­lar fol­low up ses­si­on of up to 90 minu­tes cos­ts €110,-


Card pay­ment is possible


Information/​Cancellation: Ses­si­ons can be can­cel­led or can­ce­led free of char­ge up to 24 hours in advan­ce. Sessions/​vouchers can­cel­led later or not taken will be invoiced/​expire.


In most cases a refund of psy­cho­the­ra­py or hyp­no­sis by the public health insu­rance is not pos­si­ble or not desi­red by peo­p­le see­king help. Then you can pay for psy­cho­the­ra­py yours­elf or, if available, make use of a sup­ple­men­ta­ry health insu­rance that includes ser­vices of alter­na­ti­ve practitioners.


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