Diana, Psychotherapist – Berlin

I am in treatment with Johannes since June 2014. I myself am a psychotherapist and opted for a body-oriented method, because I have physical symptoms over and over again, which are also treated with psychotherapeutic methods, but here are often limits.

For me it made sense to follow the idea that life experiences of any kind are also stored in the body memory. The more the thought made sense that they can be decoupled via bodywork again and stored differently. This means that not only the relearning on the intellectual level is helpful, but also on the body or physical level.

This is what I wanted to experience for myself now and already after 2 sessions I could recognize a significant improvement of my symptoms. Also my own perception and with that my behavior in certain situations changed.

Because of this experience I have now started on a long learning process with Johannes and benefit enormously from it. The interaction of body, mind and behavior are absolutely the focus here.

I highly recommend this method and in particular, the way in which I experience it conducted by Johannes and I will also recommend this work so some of my own your clients.

I am looking forward to every session and am curious about what else awaits me.

Diana, Psychotherapist – Berlin